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Free kitchen design Warrington offered by Alexanders Kitchens. You will talk directly with the best professional kitchen designer in Warrington. You can discuss any design ideas you may like incorporating into your new kitchen design and explore the many possibilities available to you and your new kitchen.


Kitchen Design Ideas Warrington

This is a great opportunity to ask questions you may have about colours, appliances, choosing the perfect worktop, Granite or Quartz and where they all fit in to your kitchen design and layout. You might have questions about the installation process or how the kitchen cabinets are made.

You may want to discuss the differences between door ranges and styles like a modern handleless kitchen or a painted shaker style kitchen.

Talk through the process of purchasing a new kitchen and any questions you may have regarding overall project timescale and costs.

It’s a good idea to find out in what order things will happen during your project and the length of time each process will take. 

You will be advised of our next available kitchen fitting dates in Stockton Heath and learn if those dates work for you and your project time frame.

Kitchen Design Warrington Modern Kitchen Design Warrington

3D CAD Kitchen Design Warrington

We will design realistic 3D pictures of your new kitchen. This is a great aid to fine tune details and see how the new colours and new kitchen layout will work and feel in your home with your actual room dimensions. From here we can work out the best possible kitchen design and plan the project thoroughly leading to an in depth accurate quotation.

Kitchen Design Warrington - Cad Kitchen Design Warrington - Alexanders Kitchens Warrington

 Our Designers in Stockton Heath know from experience what works best and where. They also know what colourways would be most beneficial to your space. If you have an idea of what you would like, they will draw on their knowledge to bring that look to life in the best and most cost effective way for you.

New Kitchen Design Warrington – Project Management

Kitchen Design Warrington - Alexanders Kitchens Designer Warrington

Our designers are the face of our company. They are friendly, helpful professionals and work tirelessly to provide our customers with accurate information. The impressive images they create help you to make well informed correct decisions for your home.

Not only will they design your new dream kitchen. They will structure, organise, oversee and fully project manage your kitchen order from start to finish. Furthermore they will provide regular progress updates. You will know what is complete, what is next and when it will be happening.

We cater for all kitchen sizes and budgets whether you require a bespoke masterpiece or an excellent value cheap kitchen. You will be able to discuss the general budget you have allocated to your new kitchen project.

This informative approach has been well received by our customers. Especially when working out food preparation and clothes washing arrangements during the transitional period from old to new kitchen taking place. 

We would love to show you what we are capable of creating for you.

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Booking Your Free Kitchen Design in Warrington

Booking your Free bespoke kitchen design is easy.

If you would like to book your free Kitchen Design appointment

please contact us and we will happily add you to our diary on your preferred date.


Top 7 Best Kitchen Design Features Warrington 2018

All fitted kitchen designers and homeowners have their own concepts regarding what makes a good kitchen, however throughout my career within the fitted kitchen design industry, I’ve come to believe in many go-to methods to create a productive, functional, aesthetically pleasing design. The addition of any one of those things can greatly increase the attractiveness and usability of a room. Combining a few or if possible all of them, and you have a recipe for an impressive dream kitchen to be proud to own.

1. Kitchen Work Surfaces Warrington

Kitchen Design Warrington - Quartz Worktop Kitchen Design Warrington

The overall kitchen work surface area is pretty important and generally proportionate to what kind of household is in place. A larger family may require an island with plenty of seating options. Multiple areas to perform many tasks will benefit the people in this situation. Homework can be completed while dinner is prepared or the weekly shop unpacked as opposed to everybody stopping everything they are doing to start the next task in a queuing, single file manner. Design the kitchen versatile and things will move along smoothly.

Sometimes large work surface area isn’t an option, that’s fine, make the most of what you can get. Hide all of the worktop appliances when not in use. There are lots of sink designs that now have a specific chopping board that sits neatly over the bowl and/or drainer section. This adds to working area and also stops the chopping board taking up valuable space on the limited worktop. Result!

If the Budget allows, Granite worktops or Quartz worktops can open up all kinds of design possibilities. Shapes with no size restrictions can help with an awkward space.

2. Excellent Kitchen Lighting Warrington

Kitchen Design Warrington - Kitchen Lighting Warrington - Alexanders Kitchens Warrington

Incorporating numerous kinds of lighting in the kitchen is important for functionality. However it’s also particularly useful to set the room mood and feel. Lots of natural light is great if you can get it, but when the sun goes down there needs to be additional control over artificial light to keep the area lit and the party going. Strong lighting to illuminate the work surfaces is essential, while softer, subtler lighting can create a nice ambience and bring features to life in the evening. Overall ceiling spotlights set into groups for larger rooms and/or dimming over specific areas works well for that total room mood control.

3. Pull Out Kitchen Mechanisms Warrington

Kitchen Design Warrington - Le mans corner pull out mechanism - Alexanders Kitchens Warrington

“Oh look, isn’t that clever” … well, yes. Clever internal mechanisms that pull out at all angles and offer you storage space you thought you would never see again, are pretty clever. That’s their job, to bring forth the otherwise forever hidden corners of your kitchen where the Christmas dinner set usually hibernates. Where possible make use of these pull out gadgets and reclaim your lost space then put it to good use. I find the main benefit is really about access. Crawling into a corner cabinet or reaching around a blind corner like an arcade grabber without the flashing lights, is not really the ideal way to start your Sunday roast is it.

4. Kitchen Drawer Organisers Warrington

Kitchen Design Warrington - Drawer Organisers - Alexanders Kitchens Warrington

While we’re at it, save your time and sanity by keeping things tidy and easy to find. Special kitchen drawer dividers add some order to drawers where loose items tend to appear then seemingly float about in utensil limbo forever. Then occasionally making cameo appearances during a fry up. My personal favourite is the ice cream scoop thing. What’s your favourite utensil cameo appearance? Let me know here.

Having designated spaces for all kitchen cutlery and utensils will help you avoid “missing utensil meltdowns” mid cooking session. And unwanted cameos.

5. The Kitchen Bin

Kitchen Design Warrington - Pull out kitchen bins - Alexanders Kitchens Warrington

Freestanding bins take up floor space. They can also smell bad and attract bears. OK, maybe not the bears part but hidden storage is preferable. Keeping the bin hidden but accessible is the best solution. You can store the bin bags in the same cabinet too. This saves time searching under the sink for them as usual. Kitchen cabinets can house custom pull-out bins which are available at many capacities with an array of choices for splitting off each waste type and separating your recycling. Bonus – No more separating last minute on bin day, in the rain.

6. Kitchen Design Envy

This is a serious epidemic sweeping the nation. People tend to gather in kitchens. Especially the brand new perfect kitchens that attract friends, family and neighbours keen to see the new improved area and what you have done with it. Where will all these people sit? Make sure there are sufficient places for people to sit, admire and enjoy your new kitchen, preferably where they can’t interfere with your preparation area. Or block off the dishwasher. Disused dishwashers are very expensive ornaments.

7. Unique Kitchen Design Warrington

Kitchen Design Warrington - Unique Kitchen Designer Warrington - Alexanders kitchens Warrington

Whether it’s fun, functionality, bright colourful accessories or the ultimate hosting area, a kitchen should have an inviting atmosphere that allows for comfort, relaxation and good times. These small details all add to the bigger picture and can really make the difference to you and your home. A touch of unexpected flair or unique personality, a one off design idea that makes the kitchen individual and bespoke for you. These are the real things this room can bring to your lifestyle for many happy years.

This is our top 7 list for 2018 but maybe you have some specific features you would like to utilise in your new kitchen design. We would love to hear about your ideas so why not

contact us here and let us know.