Kitchen Worktops Warrington

Kitchen Worktops Warrington

Supplying kitchen worktops to Warrington and the surrounding areas. Alexanders Kitchens has a large selection of worktop types, colours and styles to choose from. Select from our options of Quartz, Granite, Solid wood and Laminate worktops below to find out more information about each worktop type available.

Quartz Worktops Warrington

Quartz Worktop is the modern choice in kitchen design. It is durable, available in an array of colours, stain resistant and consistent. It’s most noteworthy attribute would arguably be that it is non-permeable. This means no water or other liquid molecules can pass through its surface. This is unlike granite or other natural stone which is to some degree a permeable material. Small holes and cracks in the surface allow some liquid molecules to pass thus creating ingress or sometimes staining. This is definitely something to consider when deciding on a kitchen worktop material.

Quartz Worktop Warrington Option

Granite Worktops Warrington

Granite Worktop is the traditional choice. It is unique in its formation, has character and variance in colour and patterning. Sourced from the ground all around the world it has that natural, non-uniform look and feel about it. Something which is almost impossible to replicate with any other worktop material type. It has great presence and undeniable one of a kind character which in some cases can make all the difference with the overall kitchen appearance and feel. Cold to the touch, chefs and bakers like this material for food preparation.


Solid Wood Worktops Warrington

Solid Wood worktop looks great and feels real, but is the highest maintenance option for a kitchen. If you are not the kind of person that enjoys wood maintenance this is not the worktop material for you. Requiring sanding and oiling over time and use Solid Wood can be hard work to maintain. Although it looks interesting and usually makes a room feel quite homely it hasn’t been designed to be scratch or damage resistant. Not all will be deterred by these facts of wood as some actually enjoy the work to keep this natural material looking great.


Laminate Worktops Warrington

Laminate Worktops are available in a wide selection of colours and finishes. They usually imitate solid wood or granite & quartz worktops and at a fraction of the cost. Essentially consisting of a high quality environmentally preferred chipboard substrate core with a high pressure special laminated polythene based backing surface. This type of kitchen worktop is durable, heat and moisture resistant. Front and back edge seals protect the core and can be installed on site. Up stands and splash backs made from the same matching material is available. The outstanding benefit from choosing laminate worktop is ultimately the low cost.