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Kitchens Warrington, High Gloss & Painted In-frame style, our speciality. We have many beautiful kitchens to choose from. Most popular ranges are Handle-less modern designs and bespoke painted classic styles. All of our bespoke kitchen ranges are available in over 50 colours. They are made to measure for that perfect tailored fitted kitchen look. Whether it’s a painted shaker style kitchen or an ultra modern design you require, we can guide you in the right direction.

Manufacturing & Supplying Painted Kitchens Warrington

We have been designing and manufacturing kitchens for over 20 years boasting a stand alone full production plant in the heart of Cheshire. It is from here that we quite literally make our customers dreams a reality. We create, construct and finish our perfect cabinetry tirelessly to ensure our solid reputation for high quality and excellent value are maintained with all of our clients.

A key benefit to manufacturing our own cabinetry is being able to make special things to individual specifications. There are no limitations to what we can create and there is great scope to design unique concepts as a kitchen supplier in Warrington.


The Warrington Kitchen Delivery

The kitchen cabinet production process is complete, our bespoke cabinets meticulously checked in one by one and loaded up ready for delivery.

We know the hard work is only just beginning.

Alexanders Kitchens Warrington - Stockton Heath Delivery Van

New Kitchen Installation Warrington

The First Stage is the delivery itself. Moving every cabinet meticulously from our delivery vehicles and into the customers home. Taking care to ensure a smooth and faultless process. Each cabinet, door, appliance, sink & tap is checked on and off as they enter the customers home so we know everything required to complete the installation is present and correct.

The Second Stage involves all woodwork and cabinetry fitting. We will level the cabinets and place them in their correct positions in accordance with our detailed plans. It is here that our fitting teams begin their installation to the highest possible standards ensuring a perfect fitted kitchen finish on completion.

The Third Stage is worktop template, be it Granite or Quartz. The worktop team will arrive to a fitted kitchen layout awaiting worktops. They will template all areas which require worktop, splashback, upstands or even window sills. They will take this template information away and use it to process your chosen material ensuring an accurate made to measure finish on their return.

   The Fourth Stage, the worktop delivery arrives & fitting of the worktops and all other areas requiring quartz or granite can be completed.

The Fifth Stage involves connecting all appliances sinks & taps once the worktops have been fitted bringing all your appliances and utilities back to full working order ready for you to use and begin to enjoy.

Now it looks very real, its nearly a brand new kitchen ready for 25 plus years of cooking, socialising, parties and coffee’s.

Finally we can begin to clean down and check over every element of the fitting process to make sure all is perfect. And so it should be, after all that’s what we all set out to achieve.

It doesn’t end there.


“Are You Impressed?”

We then ask you, the customer, what do you think of our work. Have we at the very least met all expectation. Have we finished every aspect with care and attention to detail as we promised we would?

Does the new kitchen look, work and feel every way like a major improvement to the home and your lifestyle.

“Are you impressed?”

“I already know many of the answers to these questions. 20 years of hard work and experience in the kitchen industry. Over 2000 completed kitchens’ to date.

But I still ask nonetheless every time. Not just out of courtesy, but because it still makes me happy to see that process all the way through and reach success with the customer.

If you would like us to “take a look”, “create your dream space”, or just “sort it all out”.

I can help you with all of this. It’s been my job to do so for over 20 years and I’m very good at it.

Drop by and see me. I will always do my best to help you achieve what you want from your new kitchen.

Experience, solid advice, honest opinion, no smoke no mirrors.

“Oh and thanks for taking the time to view my website