Solid Wood Kitchen Worktops Warrington

Solid Wood Kitchen Worktops Warrington & Stockton Heath

Alexanders Kitchens supplies Solid Wood kitchen worktops to Warrington, Stockton Heath and surrounding areas. Solid Wood Kitchen Worktop samples can be viewed at our Warrington showroom in Stockton Heath.

Solid Wood Worktop is more expensive than laminate worktop but less expensive than granite or quartz worktop. It is supplied in pre-determined lengths ready for on-site fabrication and fitting. The worktop is expertly cut to the length, depth and width required by a skilled joiner. Solid Wood is available in many forms and colours. Solid Oak, Beech, Birch, Walnut & Solid Ash are most popular. We deliver to Warrington and distribute to the surrounding areas to be fitted at their destination.

Solid Wood Worktop Looks Natural

This material is 100% natural. The Wood arrives in an unfinished sanded format. Once fitted by a professional joiner it can be treated using specialist wood oiling products to the desired tone & colour depth. Ensuring no water ingress at the point where spillages will collect around the sink area can be a challenge. This type of worktop requires the highest maintenance and regular monitoring for water or steam damage.

Solid oak wood offers a softer, homely look in comparison to a Quartz or Granite worktop. Solid Ash wood is much paler than oak and Solid Walnut is of heavy, dark appearance and works well with lighter coloured kitchen doors.

These features make Solid Wood worktops a nice touch with classic kitchen styles such as In-Frame Kitchens and Painted solid wood kitchens.

Solid Wood Worktop Hygiene

Solid Wood is not scratch resistant, although some of the tough lacquer finishes do protect the work-surfaces better than a standard oil. The look, character and feel of Solid Wood worktop are their main attraction, but frequent cleaning and maintenance is required for them to last and look good over time.

Cooking with Solid Wood Worktops

Never place hot off the hob pans directly to the surface as scorching will occur. Solid Wood worktops are fine for preparation of pastry and dough, although no chopping or cutting on these surfaces is advised as they will mark and chip. They can be easily damaged by knifes and sharp objects.

Chopping boards are the way to go if you are looking at Wood worktops.

Solid Wood Worktop Maintenance

The highest maintenance worktop type. Professionally fitted and properly maintained with Ph neutral cleaning products, Wood kitchen worktops are durable and will look great. They will however require oiling and re-sealing every year.

Solid Wood Worktop Types

The Solid wood samples available in our Warrington kitchen showroom are listed under standard Wood type names such as Solid Oak, Solid Ash, Solid Walnut. Wood worktops are a totally natural product and are inconsistent in their appearance and susceptible to fading or darkening over time as well as sunlight damage. Colours and patterning are unique.

The Dimensions

Solid Wood worktops are available in various set sizes. 30mm, 40mm & 60mm thick, typically fabricated to between 600mm, 650mm or 900mm in depth and 2M, 3M or 4M in length. Standard kitchen base unit depth is 570mm plus the thickness of the doors which varies depending on chosen door range.

Solid Wood Worktop Design

Kitchen base cabinet dimensions vary. When designing a kitchen layout with Solid Wood worktop in mind all lengths and depths of the design must be considered to fall within the available sizes to ensure high quality fitting. Alexanders Kitchens Warrington based kitchen designers will discuss the options available when using Solid Wood worktop. An accurate plan will be formed with clear instructions for the trained joiner to successfully complete fitting.

Under-Mounted Sinks in Wood Worktops

Under-mounted kitchen sinks are an option when choosing solid wood worktops. Exposed edges must be smoothly finished and treated to create a seal from moisture around the sink & tap area.

Solid Wood Cut-outs

Holes, or cut-outs, can be made in worktops to accommodate sit on style sinks and all kitchen appliances. It is possible to accommodate wireless charging spots or electrical sockets. All sit on style and flushline style appliances can be fitted into wood worktops.

Solid Wood Up-stand & Splash-back

Up-stand and splash-back provide an alternative to wall tiling and are both available in solid wood format. Up-stands and splash-backs sit against the wall at the back of the worktop. Up-stand has a typical height of 110mm but can be varied. Splash-back extends further covering all the wall space between worktop and the underside of the kitchen wall units.

Up-stands are available in three thicknesses. The industry standard 20mm 30mm & 40mm thickness.

Solid Wood Worktop Joins

It’s important that joining cuts are performed with the correct tooling. Sharp new Router blades and a solid worktop jig template are essential to getting a neat cut with no blistering or splintering.

Both Joining edges must be accurately straight and level to each other to ensure high quality bonding and finish. Alexanders Kitchens supplies Accurate, Strong and Square kitchen Cabinetry ensuring the worktops have the best foundation to achieve a perfect worktop joint. The fitters take care to accurately fix adjoining pieces of worktop together.

Wood Worktop Overhang

A Solid wood overhang is the distance of worktop material that overhangs a kitchen base cabinet. Overhangs appear on kitchen islands and breakfast bars. The overhanging distance provides access when sitting at a kitchen island or breakfast bar on stools or chairs. Overhangs are usually around 300mm but can vary to specification allowing room for comfortable seating or solid a wood kitchen design feature.


Order to Delivery

Solid Wood worktops are quality checked before delivery and installation. The worktops are then carefully transported from the workshop to the customer’s home to be installed by a trained professional. The Installation process usually takes between 2 – 4 hours.

Solid Wood Fitting Guarantee

Solid Wood Worktops in Warrington and surrounding areas are delivered within 7 working days from order unless otherwise requested.

Contact Alexanders Kitchens for more information if you have any questions about Solid Wood worktops in Warrington.